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Pricing & Packages

Low-level laser care is not covered by insurance.  

We have affordable options to make laser care accessible.

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4 Pricing options:

exceptional care at exceptional rates

 Dr. Rutkowski has hundreds of hours of training and education in low-level care.  We have the expertise and support to implement advanced protocols with the most advanced low-level lasers.  

The national average for this type of care with an Erchonia FX Laser is $100.00 per session.  

Although this unique service is worth every penny, we want to make this valuable care available   to as many as possible in our region where it is not readily accessible elsewhere.

Our lowest rates are available to DRC Members...

"DRC" or Doctor Recommended Care are comprehensive customized care programs created by Dr. Rutkowski that include state of the art chiropractic care, low-level laser therapy, and strategies for healthy living.  DRC members receive substantial savings on included laser care and add-on laser care packages.

All recipients of our "Legendary Neuro-Structural Evaluation"

will receive a customized care program recommendation and be eligible to become a DRC Member.

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